Auto Dealerships advertise a 1937 Ford the same way current dealerships
advertise a 2011 Ford. Can this be true? Even with the mass migration from
print classifieds to internet-based advertising, businesses continue to use
the same outdated advertising strategies to sell everything from vehicles to widgets and all in between. Let’s just say that internet-based advertising has evolved slower than the “pet
rock.” IME’s  creative marketing strategy creates a unique “voice”
for companies’ products and services. Imagine having a nice dinner
conversation with a 2010 Camry before you purchase it. You understand the
principle behind this every time you hear “You love that car more than you
love me!”

The continued explosion in online marketing has fueled a
highly competitive buyers’ market. Let’s do the math: a highly competitive
market where everyone is doing the same thing, but you have something
different from all the others. Infant market equals infinite rewards. You
can benefit from this infancy market by becoming a licensed IME
business owner. Just think if you had this business opportunity when the
hand-written letter evolved into MS Word. An IME license is a way
for you to own a piece of this cutting-edge plan and to help your local
business community to build and sustain relationships with past, present and future

Taking on the challenge of building and sustaining your own Biz is exciting
and rewarding on many levels. Are you feeling anxious about being alone in
this venture? IME will never let you walk alone [see Footprints
poem]. The support program offered by IME’s staff ensures that you
enter the market a subject matter expert in internet marketing strategies
and are Warren Buffetesque behind the economics of building and sustaining
your own Biz . Oh, and do not worry about every Joe and Jane competing
against you in your market area. IME grants only one licensee per
region. You’ll be the Pied Piper leading the pack.

The IME licensing program affords you the freedom from “The Man”
and the satisfaction of listing “business owner” on all your social
networking sites. Simple pricing structures, low overhead and a proven
business plan create the perfect platform for a successful future.