Value to Licensee

“So, what’s in it for me?” Well, besides the heightened sense of self-fulfillment, increased societal ranking and parents’ desires for you to wed their child, you can begin purchasing the “wants” in life, not only the needs. Unparalleled support and a unique brand identity ensure that you have the confidence in your product and service that businesses will believe you can walk on water. Successful IME licensees can expect to earn a substantial income from home and a healthy return on investment within the first year.


What does an IME Licensee do exactly?

As an IME Licensee, you own an exclusive area based on geographical boundaries.

Within this area, you will market Web Design, Branding, Lead Generation, SEM/SEO Services, Social Media management, Reputation management and other internet marketing services. You will also be responsible for hiring your work staff and thinking of new strategies to heighten awareness and increase sales. IME must approve new advertising or sales strategies. However, if you want grandma as your HR representative, well, that is your prerogative.

How do you make money as an IME licensee?

Businesses pay a monthly fee for IME– better known as your services. As an IME licensee, you keep most of the revenue generated from your businesses. IME collects a nominal royalty fee. Hey, we need to eat, too. The dealerships win by rising above the clutter by way of a unique voice, and you win by collecting the dividends from their newly discovered stardom. You will pay a percentage of gross sales back to IME in the form of a royalty.

What marketing strategies do I use for my company?

Relax. You do not have to spend sleepless nights reading “Marketing for Dummies.” IME provides guidelines for all marketing strategies and tactics. If you have a “ah ha” marketing moment, IME must approve all new advertising and marketing plans. IME is not a stuffy, stringent company, so we welcome all new ideas, even if you want to use a hand puppet to sell your services. IME will never leave you in the dark. You are a valued business owner, not a shitake.

What kind of training is available?

Ok. IME  has accepted you into the family. Feeling like you are in a mob movie? IME offers extensive training programs to ensure that your transition is smooth and profitable. Phase 1 pertains to administration, operational, sales/marketing and on-the-job training matters. Phase 2 pertains to on-site training by an experienced IME trainer to assist you in commencement of operations. IME also offers a first-and second-quarter support program. Here, a field support member will visit each licensee multiple times a year.