Your hands sweating like a surgeon operating on her child, your heart
pounding like a snare drummer on Red Bull, your breath staring at you from
the backseat, knowing what is next–turning the key on your Audi. You see,
the connection between car and driver is not numbers and features; it
derives from emotional appeal and sense of “state.” Automobiles are not
simply modes of transportation. They often define our individualism, display
our societal ranking and usually listed next to mother-in-law on the family

IME’s extensive consumer research and creative strategy commenced five years ago specializing in franchise automobile dealers. These are the toughest clients in the marketplace and IME has consistently increased auto dealership clients’ online viewership and calls to action. Many other types of businesses started to contact IME for assistance with their online marketing and now IME serves the entire local business community. The most
impressive part is that businesses cannot believe the impact our service
has provided. Owning an IME license lets businesses know that you
are an expert in the field of internet marketing. Businesses will think
you’re the best thing since free enterprise.

You can purchase an IME license for an average initial investment
of $32,395, which includes the $19,995 licensing fee. Now after reading this,
you may be asking “why so much?” Most companies in our market charge just a
license fee of $36,322, with an average licensee per company of 160.43
units. That’s everyone and their uncle competing in the region.
IME is granting limited licensees over the next 5 years Do you
remember the mathematics behind growth potential in an infancy market?

The rule of thumb is that a business model should yield a 20% ROI after the
second year. The IME model easily allows a 137% ROI after the
second business year and a potential of 456% at the end of five business
years. This is the benefit of lowering the per-unit licensing and
maintaining a simple and affordable pricing structure.

IME’s marketing plan is effective. With a variety of different size businesses on board and growing, IME revolutionizes internet-based advertising. Try not to focus on
the numbers, but instead focus on the opportunity you have to be an owner in
an innovative company that is like no other.