Nuts & Bolts

IME University

IME license partners will begin their journey as an IME license partner by visiting IME University in Ft Lauderdale, Florida to learn about the culture, team and operational side of the business. Knowledge is the empowerment to your success and one of the best ways to learn; from others’ experience. After all, you now are part of the team! This visit will be 2-3 days in length and will cover the following key elements of running your IME licensed business:

1.    Understanding the market and process

2.   Comprehending and illustrate the Value Proposition

3.   Territory Mapping and Analysis

4.   Navigating the Sales Process

5.   Closing business

6.   Play well with Corporate

7.   Harnessing your Resources

8.   Warm and fuzzy Human Resources

9.   Capturing the Power of the Web

10.   Managing a Web-based business

Corporate training will be a crash course on how to get your business started and how to begin building your client base. The training and support will continue afterwards using phone, email and video conferencing.

Up in the Cloud

Today everyone’s head is in the cloud and IME is no different. The IME License program includes both group and individual virtual interaction so relevance can be maintained and updated at the flick of a power switch. IME will use all current technology as showcased below as well as embracing the newest processes as they become available.

1.            Private Teleconferencing – IME Management will be directly involved in assisting you in the day to day management and development of your business. This will include teleconferencing support, phone support, email as well as any and all available communication methods; Our mantra of your success is our success generates a total commitment on our part from every IME teammate.

2.            Web-Conferencing – One time per week, all of the IME Licensees will join a teleconference to discuss sales activities, successes, failures and overall progress in the field. These conferences are designed to be convenient, fun, informational and valuable in helping you build your business. Only IME management and license partners are permitted to join these conferences.

3.            Intranet – IME Licensees will access the private secure IME intranet portal which will contain constantly updated information and tools to assist the IME Licensee in development of their business. This is a dynamic tool and should be utilized as an important information and communication tool.

4.            IME License Network – Information flowing from the Licensees up to the Licensor is just as critically important as the information flowing the other way. Every member has something to contribute and IME operates on the premise that is  always in a state of flux ; looking for the newest and best way to assist our dealer clients in raising awareness of their voice and brand. The worst question of all time is the one that is not asked so IME encourages engagement on all levels for the improvement of the entire organization.

The Warm and Fuzzy

The most important thing to remember is that the IME Licensee is in business for himself NOT in business by himself.  Leveraging off the system, experience and momentum that IME has created in the marketplace gives the IME Licensee a leg up on success and every IME Team Member is and will be there to support and celebrate your successes. From those first baby steps and those NO’s that will definitely be encountered all the way to a six figure income powerhouse the IME organization will be there to listen coach and give valuable feedback to steer your vehicle right to the bank.